You're a down-and-out human who has landed your dream job as the manager of a luxury high-rise. Of course, you did sell your soul to get it. Now your job is to find other unhappy humans willing to sell theirs, in exchange for transforming them into the person they've always wanted to be. It requires guile, skill, and a LOT of hot (and often kinky) sex to transform someone, all while managing your resources and investing in improvements to keep things running smoothly.

There's also times when things don't run smoothly. It turns out there's a lot more to being a succubus/incubus than just having sex. Break-ins, kidnappings, magic-gone-wrong... and a hidden agenda that your new boss just happened to fail to mention. Good luck!


  • Text-based choose-your-own-adventure with 900,000 words (3200 pages!)
  • 10 transformable characters, each with two distinct erotic transformations.
  • Customize your character - even change your gender!
  • Play as dominant, submissive, or switch to suit your mood.
  • Manage resources and upgrade locations to keep your business in business!
  • Invest in yourself and earn perks to change up your gameplay style.
  • Unlock achievements and Easter eggs as you play
Updated 21 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Feb 01, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Twine
TagsErotic, Fantasy, LGBT, Meaningful Choices, Romance, Singleplayer, Text based
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksPatreon, Homepage, Twitter, Discord


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I keep trying to romance Cass (Punk) but everytime I finish her storyline the option to romance her is greyed out and says "your heart is already comitted." Is this a result of another transformation? I have taken Mason's soul gem every play through, and I'm thinking that could be the cause? But nothing about monogamy was ever mentioned in that to my knowledge (that I remember) Loving the game btw. Just finished my 4th run through and about to start my fifth.

Edit: Just figured it out. It is the Mason thing. Now I'm wondering if there's a way to get Mason's soul gem without dating him or if it's a tradeoff?

Edit again: Just scrolled down in the comments and found my answer. Take the soul gem but don't transform him. Got it.

Edit again again: I feel so dumb for this but I just saw the big yellow "EXCLUSIVE" next to the options to romance mason. Guess my brain just hadn't put it together. Duh. However I still can't figure out how to get the angel tf for Nadia? Do I have to lose the poker game? Be nice instead of mean during it? I feel like that will just lead to a bad ending.

Edit the fourth: Just figured it out for myself again. If you lose the poker game you get the angel tf.

Ha! I don't have to do much on this one, you got it all around! Don't hesitate to ask questions though, we're always happy to help

How do i even deal with Michael? like there is no inidaction to where he even is at all..

Hey there!

Is this while you're trying to work with him or after transformation?

If its before, the plot should progress automatically until you have a midnight encounter with a special figure. After that, talking to Mason to make a foci should progress the plot. Michael is usually in your room.

After the transformation, Michael wanders around and can be anywhere. If you've chosen not to be protected from him, he'll find you when he's ready, much like Mason Domme. But you can talk to him just by wandering until you see a line that Michael is around somewhere and click on the blue part. 

Has Name  your Saves been disabled with this new update? Or maybe it's a joyplay update problem and unrelated.

(1 edit)

I think it's unrelated!  We didn't change anything in the save system, and I just tested it on Itch.Io and it did indeed let me name my save.  I believe someone had a similar problem on the desktop app (or maybe it was via Playstation, it's been a while) -- the root cause is that the platform blocked Javascript popups (which is what the named-save function uses).

Hey so my saves keep deleting themselves so I have to restart my progress each time. Is there any way to fix that?

Hmm! Are you playing through the website? The save files should be saved locally in your browsers cache, so it might be that you have a super aggressive 'delete cache and cookies' set up where it wipes the browser when you navigate away.

An alternative workaround. There's an option at the bottom. 'Save/Load from disc'. This will allow you to create an actual file on your computer that contains the save. Slightly more cumbersome than having the saves just in the game, but it should allow you to keep them where you want and ensure they're available even if your browser is wiped and clean. 

(1 edit)

I’ve been doing the disk thing since my saves auto delete but I managed to finish the game! I really enjoyed and towards the end the sweet moment with Mason I got when figuring out Michael.

Mason is definitely my favorite٫ I enjoy the multi-arm concept just in general and smart kinky men BC why not lol

The Star Trek reference was appreciated


I'm very glad! Sorry you had that extra step of saving! We've got a few more updates slated for this year, which should bring the story and all the remaining romances to an end! 

Live long and prosper! =P

How do I install this on an android?

I admit, we're not sure how to install on a phone. Our files are intended for PC. However, if you have a connection, you can play through our website at , which has everything. Sorry if you're looking for a local copy, we don't have one for phone play at the moment

Joyplay. Works for any twine game(+ most renpy games with the extension) if you don't know how to use it theres tons of tutorials on how to properly install it on the internet.

what is the assets for?

Hey there!

So the assets contain all of the graphics for the game. You can export them as a folder 'Assets' into the same folder that you hold the main game.

The reason we have a seperate game file and assets is frequently our updates don't include graphics, so the asset pack stays the same and the html changes. The asset pack is also much larger than the game file, so this allows people who are playing every time we update to only nab what they want. 



I made an account on just to ask this one extremely important question: Will we get to fuck Avery in the future (please say yes 🥺)

Very important questions indeed! It's not impossible that time with the silver fox would be possible (at one point we kicked around the idea you might just pay for it), though we haven't announced anything in particular. Will take on board!

(1 edit)

Woohoo! Thank you for the reply! Food for thpughts: I think it would be interesting if his 'price' for us varies based on whether we managed to impress him/made a deal with him or not. (Like Mammom said when you asked her about him.) And maybe, an option to call him daddy during it, hahahahah just kidding!!!!.... unless? 👉👈

lmao, thirstiness for capitalist cock aside, loving the game so far! The Michael update was a delight. (Still can't decide which transformation I like better, the scenes for both are all so good. Though in the end, I'm more partial toward Werewolf Michael, because the whole 'big bad wolf' and 'red riding hood' thing is adorable lol... and the promise threat of his full wolf form piqued my interest 🚶‍♂️..

Looking forward to more of the story! Keep up the good work! Much love <3<3

Edit: Oh, forgot to add, Vampire Xavier and Werewolf Michael interaction would be GREAT. Cliche? perhaps, but the oportunity is right there.. can't resist thinking about it!! 🐺🦇 Red in the middle between them like the scene with Xavier and Petra would be a Delight 🤸‍♂️

(1 edit)

Found an odd bug with Michael

Error: <<nm>>: error within widget code (Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'style'))

The kitsune spirit, you realized. He'd seen it as it had passed through your suite. You made a mental note to make sure you took the mask with you when you left — and not held anywhere he could see it.

But I no longer have the mask I gave it to sera already way before Michael arrived.

Hey there! Sorry about this one, we just found it. 

It's currently fixed on our site, but still broken on If you want to save to disc and import into our site, you can back up until the point it breaks, then moved forward. Michael will (incorrectly) imply he saw the kitsune spirit, then you should be able to save and get it back into your game of choice.

Otherwise, it should be fixed on by tomorrow. Unfortunately, that one requires slightly more web skills than I have to package up, and our web master is out tonight. 

I went back before I got sera and saved her for after I got Micheal no bugs then I got sera.

Great!  And, now it should be fixed on as well. Thank you for the bug report!

Have a suggestion for when you skip to chapters when it asks what you picked. For Mason if you choose him as Dom in the story your given choices to call him should add that when you skip.

The Damian/Xun pairing event made me think, it's already established that Bull Damian is physically stronger than Red(MC), but how much so? Would Red be at an extreme disadvantage against Damian if an actual fight happened? And would the Tower come to their help if something like that happened?

Oooh, head canon time!

For me personally, Damien is a super big guy, but the MC is described as much stronger than they look, with the demon thing. A close fight! Would have to work awfully hard to rile Damien up though...and yeah, I think the tower would probably get in the middle if it wasn't sexy happy fighting times. 

Hi, I think I've found a bug. It seems that Cassy's AI upgrade (Minimum and Maximum Management Caps Increased By 25%) only applies to the first building constructed on the first floor, the other building does not get the bonus and remains at 75% minimum management cap.

Thanks for the heads up! We'll take a look at the background coding!

Hello! Realized the issue. What actually happens is finishing a transformation increases the management bonus for their building, because you now have a manager there. Cassy's message was a little less clear about that. I've made an adjustment for our next update and will check other managers to make sure it specifies it means their specific area. 


I saw that you can be a Succubus so I wanted to like this.. but the game forces lesbian/futa content at the beginning on the player regardless of sexual orientation with no option of saying no or refusing. I just couldn't continue after that. sorry, just maybe not for me, others might enjoy this tho.


Thanks for the feedback! I think we've gotten better over time with allowing players to somewhat sculpt their experience, but the game still definitely has a bias toward very flexible sexuality (There was originally only one gender of protagonist, so a lot of the early stuff wasn't written with combinations in mind and needed to be retrofitted).

Thanks for giving us the attempt!

that's understandable, the game is still being developed. As I said it's probably not for me(since I'm not the target audience), It's your game so you can do whatever you see fit:)

I really love the writing and management system, it's such a good game!!! Spent a good part of my weekend completing a Dom run and can't wait to start on a sub one! I'm always surprised by the sheer amount of variation in interactions with the employees, can't wait for more updates! 

p.s. mason is my fave, love my four armed dude

Much love for the four-armed one! I hope you enjoy your other path! We'll keep on trucking with updates!


I played this for hours in one ago and I have to say 11/10! It was such a great job! It kept me hooked until the end of the latest update. Can't wait to see the final showdown!!!

Happy to hear it! Thanks for the kind words!

So I have a question, is there like a dev console or something to get energy and or soul gems? Because im in a permenant loop of the 8th ending and I cant get the energy or the gems for the casino or even the deal, and I really dont wanna start all over with the hours ive put into this, I know that I might not be able to helped and may have to start over, but in case there is a way, I would really appreciate some help

So, not too easily I'm afraid, but it is possible.

First, we do have the ability to skip chapters, so you can start chapter 2 over or skip straight into chapter 3, though it won't be quite -your- play through. But if you just want to see the current story through, skipping to chapter 3 should get you the experience. 

Alternatively, twine is an open development platform. You can download the twine program, open up the html file, and see exactly what we see. If you add <<set $phLazDays to 5>> to the top of the 'Bedroom' Pane, then every time you enter the bedroom, it will set the timer to Avery showing up to five days away. That should give you extra time to do things and when you're ready you can remove that. It'd be a bit of work, but you can. 

You can find the raw html on our Patreon (don't worry, it's not a paid requirement, just look for a 'play offline' post) and you'll have to juggle your save back and forth, but that's what's available at the moment, I'm afraid we don't have cheats built in. 

thank you so much, I really appreciate the help, also btw great game so far, hope you keep it up *insert thumbs up here*

A small question about Nadia question line.  After talking to her for the first time I went to ask Mason about Foci and he said "there is something for you". However there aren't any options about Foci... A bit strange )

Oooh, good catch. He's set to let you know if anyone's ready, but Nadia doesn't quite work like the others. We'll get that smoothed out in our next build

Looking at the achievements, it seems that everyone has two routes for them to go down, and based on the "FetishVision," each path seems to line up with one of the facilities (except for "special" characters like employees). I'm assuming this means you can encounter those characters at two of the facilities, and whichever one you interact with them at will lock them into the associated route. Is that correct?

Mostly correct! The one caveat is you can prime them in both locations at once, though ultimately you'll only go with one of the paths. Each setting will encourage them to reveal a different side of themselves, which can result in a different outcome.

However, you won't run into the same person twice in the same day. So if you want to see someone at their evening location, you shouldn't pursue them in their morning location. 

Damien can be encountered at the gym and the shakes 'n sundaes. Jolie can be encountered in Shakes, or the computer cafe, and Cassandra can be encountered in the computer cafe, or the gym. 

Speaking of achievements, I'm having trouble getting the Devil's Own Luck achievement. I did the method mentioned in the comments here of having her watch the cameras for two days and then picking a place for her to guard, and I got lucky and caught him. However, I didn't get the achievement.

I tried reloading a save I made before I had her look at the cameras, and just had her guard a place that first night. I kept reloading that save and trying again until I got him, and still didn't get the achievement.

Sorry to hear that! We have noticed some odd behavior on this one (It has some save scumming protection we think is firing when it shouldn't). In our next update, we've decided to strip the protection out, which should make it a lot easier to collect this one. 

Hi, Xavier is still in this right? I played through to the end and didn't hear from anyone in the tower about an intruder...  I hope to find him again because he's yet another character that I have come to adore...

He is! Hrm, could be a bug. You should see that storyline once you build the bank. After the initial meeting, you need to build a security office to progress to trying to catch him. Let me know if you have both of those and you still haven't seen him!

It worked thanks! 

Does Mason's sub/dom relationship count as serious romance? I was doing AI Cassie's quest and one of the options said my heart belongs to someone else, and afaik i haven't done anyone else quest

It does! There's a bit of a compulsion with Mason. The domme form doesn't share and you're not inclines to start a serious relationship if you've got Mason as your own. 

Hrm. Hadn't realized getting his soulgem did that.
Is there any way to extricate oneself from that to start a different serious relationship?

So unfortunately, no way to back it up (This coming update I added markers to make it clear Mason is a commitment, so hopefully that will help)

However, you can still get his gem without starting his paths. After it all plays out, there's a choice to keep the soul gem but -not- use it on him, in either dominance or submission. Mason loosens up a fair bit and starts learning on his own, and you keep your relationship professional.  

Also if you make him your Dom he wants you to call him at the end of the night but there is no landline option for that.

I'll check in on that one! It should be available when you're in your room at night. I'll make sure it's still functional!

Wow that's pretty good just played for the last week, didn't do so well in the beginning but got there in the end. I was curious to see if I could get the 10k of energy in 30 days, and I managed it by day 69 if you including the multiple vault increases, so 19 into the 30 days isn't too shabby as I don't want to forsake my leige if you will lol. I can't wait for what will happen next though sounds like it'll be great fun , but surely by wanting nothing you still want something? Or am I overthinking... Keep up the good work.

How do you catch Xavier? I've been trying but I can't seem to figure it out... also, sorry if you've already answered this question.

Hey there!

So Xavier always strikes on the third day, and you've got three tries to get him. Make sure you visit Petra every evening (she should say she wants to talk with you). Have her watch the cameras to eliminate a possibility, and then on the third day have her guard somewhere. If he's going there, she'll catch him.

Each time you fail to catch him, Petra eliminates one of the options herself. So if you're doing this 'watch twice, then guard' technique, the second attempt should only have 2 options, and the last one should allow you to narrow it to a single one.

We also did install a thing in the game which means once you have caught him, on future play throughs, you can opt to skip over the hunt. It's one of the mini games people have some trouble with. (The other skip is available for Selene's content, but that's just because it's long)

(1 edit)

K, thank you so much! I really love this game especially Bull Damian and "Daddy" Mason *swoon*

Edit: I accidentally typed loive instead of love and I changed it

Hi, I love your game, I have played it for two days now and I just cannot get enough. I have one question though will we see different interactions with previous characters in every chapter or just new interactions with new characters?

A bit of a mixture! We do votes on our Patreon every so often, and there are options to increase duo scenes or individual scenes with older employees. Right now, Romance keeps winning the poll (those are the scenes you do in chapter 2 when the tower breaks down). We've only finished two characters, but after the next update (new character) We'll be finishing Xun the Dryad and Cass the punk.

So stuff does get added for older characters, but usually in smaller bites. 

Oh cool, I haven't really done the romance scenes since I was worried about completing the assignment, but now I'll be sure to check those out.


I played this game for a singular day and I’m already having to fight the urge to write fanfiction about it


One of us! One of us!

(1 edit)

I actually have a quick question if you don't mind. I'm struggling to figure out how to get the option for Sara's Kitsune transformation. What are the prerequisites for this?

Hey there!

So the trick with Sara is about -when- you talk to her. If you talk to her in the afternoon, she's 'on duty', and that conversation is leading you toward the magician. Wait until evening and you'll catch her at the bar, more willing to let her hair down with you, and those conversations will take you toward Kitsune

Not sure if I'm messing up somewhere but I'm not getting "Devil's Own Luck" achievement even after catching the intruder when Petra told me about them the first time. Any help with this?

Hrm!  So, after Petra tells you about the intruder, you can either tell her to watch the cameras to try to narrow down where he'll be, or you can tell her to go to whichever location you think he'll be at, and lay a trap.  If the first place you tell her to go ("Watch the gym") happens to be where the intruder turns up, then that should trigger the achievement.  If you're wrong (he was actually at the Office that night, instead), then it's not your first try anyone, and you don't get the achievement.

Does that match up with what you did?   The very first time you actually told her to go watch a specific location, he happened to be at that location that night?

Yep, told Petra to watch R&D the first time (I did reload a save tho) when I was prompted and was told the next day the intruder was caught, visited the Sec Office and did the whole thing until the transformation. Still nothing.

I even went for a second playthrough after my first and in the middle of some casual fourth-wall breaking Mason mentioned I did have the achievement, checked but it's still greyed out.

Hmm! We'll look into that one. There is a cheevo for transforming him as well (and that's the one that the skip uses), but it should go off if you get him on the first shot. We'll check it out!


[Day 50 Spoilers]

Just to be sure i got it, does rejecting Avery's deal put you in a 30 day time limit to pay him? That seems to be really hard considering the amount of money you need to spend to even increase the vault to that limit.

Loving the game, i haven't even reached the end of the current content and I already can't wait for more.

Hey there!

So we'll likely tweak values in chapter 3 as more of the content comes online, but our current plan is to have you able to pay him in installments, which should mean the total debt is all you have to worry about and you won't have to expand the vault to cover that amount all at once. 

(1 edit)

Is there a guide, or is it impossible to pass the Avery visit? If it is possible, how?

It's not impossible!  You have to collect 6 souls before he arrives.  

Usually the easiest route is the 'trio' in Chapter 1 (Damien, Cassandra, and Jolie).  In Chapter 2 you can pick up Mason, which a lot of people don't realize!  Make sure you talk to him about himself and his past in Chapter 1, and then again after your performance evaluation in Chapter 2.  You'll get a bit more information out of him, and a few days after that, something should happen!

Then, in Chapter 2, once you build the Bank, a few days after that you should be alerted to a mysterious intruder. That storyline lets you transform Xavier, if you can catch him!  After you catch Xavier, Petra is a little more relaxed in the evenings, and by working with her during her shift, you can unlock her storyline/transformation.

Lastly, once you build the Casino, you'll meet newhire Sara, who can also be transformed!  Talk to her either during her shift in the Casino (afternoons), or after she's offwork (evenings) to pursue her possible transformation paths.

The only thing that could make this better would be if "power bottom" was an option

There are a few scenes that blend into it, but that one is a bit tricky to pull off and give the player a selection. It is definitely my favorite style though!

love this game

Happy to hear it! We hope you keep on enjoying!

Usually I'm disappointed in most adult games, especially the fetish based ones, because they're too misogynistic, homophobic, and/or just generally nasty about things, like having a lack of consent, but this one's surpassed all of my expectations, and made me actually fully enjoy the game. Consent and care is sexy y'all. Thanks for the great game!


We agree! Everyone likes different things, but part of our goal was to provide a game that is a lot more welcoming. We're glad you enjoyed!

I love Sammy's "slave" design, she reminds me of Harley Quinn a lot!  

So uh, might've softlocked myself out of the vault. So I finished the Selene questline but got the bad ending for not catching Xavier, so I rewound and chose the correct option but now it's not giving me the Selene tasks anymore

D'oh! Hmm, that's a first. Wait a couple of days, she may just be a little slower to trigger (also, you'll need to upgrade the vault to 1600 energy before she triggers). If its still not showing, reach out to us on discord, we'll see if we can sort the save out!

(1 edit)

I'm addicted, and I'm in love with mason's character! but there's one character I can't get. how do I romance petra and take her soul? my character has been fucking her and mason still says there's no soul to take.

Hey Papoi!

So to trigger the Petra storyline, you need to catch Xavier and transform him, then talk to him in his new place at least once. Once you're able to be intimate with Petra and have caught him, you should be interrupted in the middle of the night by your favorite security chief.

If you've done both of those and a week passes without Petra showing up, let me know, we'll coordinate getting save data over to me and I'll make sure we didn't break something. 

(1 edit)

I got the Petra storyline, thank you! Your game is addicting, looking forward for your future updates! 

so... how the hell do I run this?

I click launch(I'm using the desktop ap. and I look around at the files it has for me... no .exe or anything

Hey there! So this should run natively in your browser (it's not a separate program, just an html extension). Generally speaking if you put the HTML in a folder with the asset pack, then click on the HTML, it should just run through any browser you're using. I admit, I get a little shakier when it comes to sorting it out via the phone, but let me know if that helps at all. 

oh no no the desktop application is's version of steam. preforms the same kind of functions as steam on your computer would. I'm not exactly sure.. how i'd do the html thing?(I'm not tech savvy and have bad luck with it, but hey, I'll give it a swing. 

Eeep! I'm sorry, we haven't used that app ourselves. If that fails, you can also play direct from us at That should run immediately on being clicked.

Hope that helps!

yep! that works. thank you. 


Pretty Good, but I got the bad end and found it hard to restart, a reset button my be handy. 

Also, I'm finding it difficult to get soul Gems, do I focus on only one person, upgrade my facilities?  What am I missing?

Eeep. We are indeed considering putting that back. You can always reload the page, but I'm not sure everyone thinks of that.

So in general, build the facilities you can. Each of the initial three buildings have two characters there are different times of day (Overlapping. So each of the three characters frequent two of the establishments). Try to talk to them frequently while in the same location, and if you ever don't have someone to talk to, work at one of the locations. This will help you get a bit more energy and get you going.

Once you past the first hurdle into chapter 2, things open up a bit and there's a lot more possibilities. I'd recommend building everything you can other than the Casino (which is very expensive). New locations will usually trigger new people and quests. When in doubt, keep your locations upgraded and keep working, and you should do just fine!

This game is soooo good, i'm looking forward to future updates!

We're glad you're enjoying, and hope you keep on joining us when we've got new stuff!

enjoying playing through for like the fourth time now. its ones of my favorite games.

Many thanks! We hope we keep delivering into the future!

im quite excited to see what you guys do for the next part, and to see who you bring into it next. 

Great game, loved it!


Thank you so much! Be sure to check back in 2 weeks, we've got a new update about to drop!

Deleted 234 days ago

Hey there!

So, he can be a little tricky on the first time, but I will tell you the secret. He'll always strikes on the third night. Which means you can tell Petra to watch a location twice (which will eliminate it from the pool for that attempt)

The first attempt he could be in 5 places, and you can eliminate 2 (by telling Petra to watch them each night), and then you have a one in 3 chance. 

The second attempt, Petra eliminates one of them herself. You can eliminate 2 again, so you're now a 50/50 chance.

And if you're massively unlucky, during the final sequence Petra eliminates 2 of them herself as she gets to know your intruder. If you tell Petra to eliminate 2 locations, you know exactly where he's going (there's even a special variation when Petra straight up tells you she knows where he's going to be).


Where can I download the Image Pack?

Here you are! . I'm 99% that post is public, but if it's locked let me know. It should not require being a backer to access. 

I love this game! It's pretty fun, and I especially appreciate being able to change what gender the MC is when we want to in the second chapter. Sometimes, I'll get surprised by not being the gender I want to be for a particular scene (usually Futa when I want female), but then I can just rewind to before the scene started and change my gender! Really great feature, and the only complaint I have is that there aren't any interactions with the bank or casino outside of talking with that one woman (forgot her name) and that there aren't any more soulgems as far as I'm aware, but I know that'll change as it gets updated more.

Also, I found a gender mix-up when Jolie is a dominatrix and she's holding onto the MC. I have female chosen, but it said 'cock' when it mentioned her letting go. 

Thank you for the kind words, and the bug report! We test as much as we can, but we do depend on people letting us know. Indeed, we'll be expanding content out over time. Our latest backer build just released on Monday, in fact, which allows you to transform Petra into either a Siren lure or a dark elf dominatrix! We'll be doing the public release everywhere, including Itchio, on the 19th, so look forward to that! 

I think I found another gender mix-up! I was doing Jolie's cow girl transformation as a guy, but it gave my character she/her pronouns, despite the fact that I don't think I was doing a futanari. If I was, then that's still a gender mix-up because it had the guy picture with red hair for my character even though I chose black hair before the scene started.

They are so sneaky! We'll review those, see if we can't catch the source of it! Thank you!

I also found a typo, when our character first meets Lazren, it says 'black and white wings bird-like wings'! Also, you're welcome! I'm glad to help such amazing game makers! This game is absolutely incredible!

Well, this was really good. I really look forward for more updates.


We're working on the next one!  We post regular status updates over on our Patreon page.  No firm release date yet, but our 'to do' list is getting shorter by the day.  <3

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