1.6.1. - Romance in the Air!

Well, darlings, it's here!  

Version 1.6.1 launches our 'romance' content, where -- due to some occasional "technical malfunctions" in the Tower -- you can take a chosen employee or two out for some bonding time.   Please check out the full 1.6.1 Patch Notes for all the important details.

The new content triggers about a week after you reach Lazren's return in Chapter 2, and continues about every 10-12 (in-game) days after that.  Each transformable character can be taken on two dates, during which you learn more about them as individuals and have a chance to see where their new lives are leading them.  Each set of dates will eventually unlock a side-story for the character to explore a larger issue which may have lasting impact on them -- and you!

For the initial content in the Romances, each character has the two 'introductory' dates, after which the content will repeat.  In the new year (2021 -- fingers crossed!), we'll be running a poll to see which of these stories you'd like brought to completion first, so that we can flesh out the storylines completely.  Next year also brings a brand-new character (Sara) -- but not before we drop a bit of Christmas cheer with a special art piece and mini-story on our Patreon page as a 'thank you' to all who has supported us so far.

See you soon, sweethearts.


Luciana and Cambion


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