1.7.0 - Introducing Sara

Good morning, lovelies.

Update 1.7.0 is here, and you've a new employee to go meet.  You can find the lovely Ms. Sara at the Casino, where she's employed at one of the tables and enjoys winding down with a drink after work. Her schedule is a little 'up in the air', but once you get to know her, you'll soon find that she's a different person off the clock... and, of course, potentially a very different person, indeed, once you're done with her.

Whether you focus on her concerns when she's on the clock, or on her wistfulness behind a rum and coke*, Sara can potentially either become a Mistress of the Magical Arts and add a unique flare to your entertainment, or you can explore the art of spiritual possession and try your hand at getting kinky with a kitsune.   Please note that you can't go on date nights with Sara just yet -- best let her get settled in a bit first!

We've also expanded the Casino options, allowing you to supervisor in the Casino (not just adjust the odds), and help some of your customers get a thrill well beyond just 'winning'.

We've started planning our 1.8.0 update as well, which will not be a new character, but will revamp and expand the actual game mechanics and graphical layout of things, in accordance with our Patreon poll results.  Remember that if you want feedback into what (or who) comes/cums next, hop over to Patreon now and then to throw in your two cents.


Luciana and Cambion


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