Discord and Rebrand!

We have two more important announcements. We were planning to wait until launch of our 1.8.0 update, but then we realized that might be more confusing than giving people a heads-up first.  So!  Here you go.

1)  Discord! First, you've been asking for it, so we're going to give it. We're pleased to announce Sinspirational now has its very own Discord channel! Come hang out with us, get a couple of sneak peeks or funny stories as we work on updates and enjoy the company of your fellow incubi and succubi! We expect things will be pretty chill, and we're totally alright with that, but it's now one more way to get ahold of us! Discord is already live, and you can join us at this link:  https://discord.gg/bEYRqrE2kc   Note:  If you also support us through Patreon, double-check that your Discord account is linked to your Patreon account in your Profile settings page.  If it's not, you will need to update that and log back into Discord before you see your role.  Just clicking the link will join you to the server, but it will not give you the appropriate role/access for Patreon backers!

2) Paradise Inc!

Second, we're happy to announce an infernal rebrand! Paradise Heights is changing its name to Paradise Inc! This will be going into effect in all versions of the game with the next public release. In story, the name of the tower is being altered to just 'Paradise', so reprint those business cards! Many of you may know that 'Paradise Heights' was the name of another sexy game from the '90s. We knew that before launch, but neither of us had played the game and assumed it was little known these days. We (and by 'we' I mean 'totally Cambion') were a bit wrong on that, and threads about the game have often been filled with confusion due to the naming issues.  In the most extreme examples, we've even been unable to open a thread since one already exists with the same game title! With the mechanical updates we've been doing, we think that Paradise is a stronger game than ever, and this was the time to make the adjustment to avoid confusion. Nothing will change on your end.  We'll be updating our Patreon URL and Itch.io entries to reflect the change, so the exactly URLs might change, but the same infernal goodness (evilness?) is still right here. Happy Hunting, and we'll see you Friday for the backer build release!

Cambion and Luciana

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